We serve the invisible half of the wine world.

Acting as an operating system for wines to solve complex daily tasks makes poolinq unique for the hospitality industry.

poolinq is made for change. You should be too.

What is poolinq?
Becoming the Leading Collaborative WineOS Platform for the Hospitality Industry.

All data in one central platform

All locations and data at a glance.
Manage and control everything
from one place.

Reduce 53% workload

Efficient tools for your employees

All tools to simplify the daily business of your employees and for more satisfaction.

Savings up to 5h per week

Help your business grow

Dashboard – all figures at a glance
Reports & Insights – daily updated evaluations
Stock Management – wine stocks under control

10x faster informations access

Connecting Wine People in One Platform at Scale.

Focus more on your customers and waste less time with manual tasks and paperwork. 

Visualize and evaluate the turnover rate of your wines like never before.

Elevate your wine business to Grand Cru level by reducing costs and increasing your sales.

Fast onboarding and direct access to all tools to optimize and automate your day-to-day business. 


Average 53% reduce Workload

+5 hrs

5+ hours Saving per Week


10x faster information access


Is poolinq a platform that can be accessed via the web?
That’s absolutely right, you log in to poolinq via the web with your credentials and immediately have the complete overview of your operational metrics. Functions such as Dashboard, Insights, Reporting, Easy – and Smartlists round off the platform.

You have several locations? – No problem, with our multi-location management function we activate all your operations and you can centrally manage, automate and control your activities.

How does pricing work?
poolinq takes a flat fee that is charged per month, regardless of how many users you invite to the platform. The fee itself depends on the number of items on your wine list and the size of your business.

Contact us today, the poolinq team will advise you on all your questions. hello@poolinq.com

What do I need to get started with poolinq?
The onboarding at poolinq is very easy and is done within a few minutes. Together with you, we get an overview based on your wine list, upload it to the poolinq platform and you can start your business immediately. Easy as that.
How much time can I save with poolinq?
Administrative workload reduction up to 53%, up to 5 hours of working time savings per week and about 10x faster information access are the value proposition of poolinq. Whether you own one business or multiple businesses.

From now on, this can be managed and automated by one person. It means that recurring activities of several people are no longer necessary. Intransparency and information breaks across different systems and people are a thing of the past with poolinq.

Is there a demo of poolinq?
Of course, we are happy to discuss how poolinq can help you and your business.
Just call us or send a message, we will get back to you as fast as possible. 

Love to talk about wine?
So do we! Let’s Talk.