Fully-Integrated Wine System

All-in-one wine platform designed for businesses of all sizes.

Designed for wine sellers by wine lovers.

Poolinq can be used for any type of Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Wineries and eCommerce.


Your wine sales at a glance

Your key figures at a glance, for everyone within your Business

Instantly identify strong days, but also understand slow days better then ever before.

Make more tailored offers and identify wines to offer by the glass on busy days.


Always a step ahead

Automated notifications for low stock wines and sale price adjustment strategies are levers to drive your business growth.

Create your planning with increased transparency to serve your customers in the best possible way and optimize operating profits.


Always with you and printable

Control your results.

Create custom Reports in seconds and measure how your business is developing. 

Reduce wasted time and paperwork. 

Switching between tools is a thing of the past.


All your operations in one place

Centrally plan for all your locations.

Whether you have two or hundreds of locations, with poolinq Multi-Location Management you are prepared to scale. 

Minimize costs and  increase planning quality by reducing repetitive activities across multiple locations.


Find everything super fast

The poolinq stock management provides an overview of all your wines, which helps you to have an optimized inventory and thus reduce your costs. Targeted and planned use of your wines to achieve a business boost is now in your hands.


Your wine list smart

Easy and Smart – Create your wine list with ease using drag and drop or with our smartlists 

Tailored by you or via a smart control, keep up to date with ease and reduce effort.

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