New Website Launch, Platform Go-Live and more

Apr 21, 2022 | News

It has been very quiet around the start-up from Munich lately. But it was anything but quiet, with the new website of poolinq the operating system for wines the startup lets the cat out of the bag and now gives great insights into the platform itself.

Starting with a “multi-location management” function where the hospitality industry, vintners, retailers and online traders can manage, control and automate their entire wine business centrally with one access. “Stock Management” for the detailed listing and presentation of the wines, “Dashboard” to visualise the daily analysis and Insights, which gives the user a completely different perspective on his wines. One of the big highlights are the EasyLists and SmartLists at poolinq.

Here, the manager, restaurant manager, sommelier and service staff can cluster their wines completely according to themes via drag & drop or automatically. These can be, for example, “Graduation of Prices”, “these wines go with dishes like…” and much more.

The first pilot customers have already been accepted. At the beginning of June, the wine platform poolinq will be available to the public.

With the website relaunch, the poolinq team will also begin to serve its followers on Instagram.

Be bold, humbled and hungry.

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