Startupdetector favors poolinq as startup of the week

Jan 7, 2022 | News

The Berlin-based company Startupdetector whose name is program enough, provides information about the entire startup ecosystem in Germany. Specializing in truly innovative startups with growth potential, poolinq has been one of Startupdetector’s top picks.

Pooling the company from Munich was sent into the race with three other startups for a 24 hour voting, and was able to win the title “Startup of the Week” through the votes of the voters. In the second step, all “Startups of the Week” from the month of December were sent to a new voting, in which pooling was able to win second place as Startup of the Month. Eren Goemleksiz Founder and CEO of pooling says, “We are very happy that the Startupdetector has favored us among the four startups and thank all involved who have voted for us, thank you very much. The commitment from all involved strengthens us more to tackle the old dusty wine industry.”

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